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With a voice that’s been hailed for its captivating beauty and versatility by such prestigious publications as the New York Times and DownBeat Magazine, Sofia Rei’s talents fit comfortably into any number of genres. In her most recent project, an exhaustive exploration of the voice as an instrument of texture and expression, Sofía Rei breaks away from the established continuity of her work, creating a daring new soundscape that blends South American folk with pop, electronic music and improvisation.

Umbral” (Threshold). Her unorthodox compositions are built almost exclusively from vocal loops and incorporate the series “Cinco poemas cínicos” (Five Cynical Poems), in which the songwriter displays her natural inclination towards lyricism. Incisive and imaginative, Sofia’s poetry responds to heartbreak, deception and disappointment with unrestrained candor, elegant humor and a heavy dose of sarcasm.

"Sofia Rei (...), conjured a wildly eclectic, near hallucinatory international mix from her living room with her band: Andean, Asian, jazz, funk, electronics. True to Globalfest’s boundary-scrambling mission, she sang about living under 'Un Mismo Cielo': 'The Same Sky.’”

- Jon Pareles, The New York Times

"It's a fascinating exploration of her own creative process, as well as a capsule history of musical traditions from the southern-most tip of the Americas”.

- Felix Contreras, NPR “Alt.Latino”

“Umbral, an album in which Sofía Rei takes pleasure in sonic explorations, where she reinvents the sound of her own voice and
recreates imaginary sonic landscapes where her musical past mixes with possible futures of a kind of music that seems not to recognize
the meaning of the word “limit”.

- María Zentner, Página 12



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