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A multicultural mixture between Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, Valencia and Catalonia. A band that provides us with a musical style where we are able to recognize Cuban son, chachacha, salsa music, timba sound and urban music from a feminine social perspective.

It was founded in 2018 in the middle of the streets of Barcelona amid the chaos, the traffic, the city and the stress, among the need to gain strength, fighting against fears as well as spreading joy and enthusiasm all over the audience.

It was born out of the empathy within seven life’s histories. Stories of migration and musical heritage trying to pursue dreams, experiencing with human potential and sensibility. Nowadays the band consists of Ahyvin Bruno (vocals and güiro), Rita Baulida (percussion “pailas“), Ahylin Bruno (conga drum), Liviet Ojeda (bass guitar), Natasha Arizu (keyboard) and Maria Gil (flute) who take with their first album Camino Así color and light wherever they go.

“Las Karamba” are the voice of all these women that kept silent, remained in the dark, fought by themselves along the history of music and now they have a lot to tell.