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The extraordinary GEMA 4 celebrate their 25 years on stage. They do it with a new CD and performance, ‘Veinticinco’. They relive their best and the most significant music tracks. Those ones which have renowned them as a referent in their style at an international level.

The GEMA 4 vocal arrangements are imbued with Cuban roots and other influences. They have been touring the main stages showing their talent. They have also shared shows with famous artists such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Celia Cruz, Omara Portuondo, Eddie Palmieri, among other talented artists.

Now, they are going to take us through the great boleros essence, the feeling, the sones, the guarachas, the chachachá... with the same sense of humour that made them famous 25 years ago. These four exceptional voices have released a careful and subtle work with the highest musical level.

Odette Tellería 2nd voice, direction
Clara Luna 1st voice
Michèle Alderete 3rd voice
Laura Flores 4th voice

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