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Paula Valls presents I AM (Satellite K, 2018), her first long-play, produced by David Soler. A more intimate and naked job where the silences also speak, displaying a different musical style from that of her impressive debut EP Black and White, (RGB Media, 2016).

While Black and White was a first step towards professionalization, an experiment where she was telling other people’s stories, I AM, completely directed by herself, is a work where Paula Valls (Manlleu, 1999) dares to talk about her own and recent experiences. Valls talks about feeling lost and not finding herself, about difficult moments and changes, and about having to make important decisions - a reflection of her accelerated personal evolution, more often than not in a sad tone, full of farewells, but always with a hint of hope. This is her cover letter where she really shows herself.

I AM could have arrived directly from the United States: the most American black music (soul, blues and jazz) and folk are intertwined with the key influence of the producer Joe Henry. Paula’s recording is made from spontaneity and  improvisation in the studio, where songs have set the guidelines, where authenticity has been primed above perfection, as in a live concert.